Many Samsung Laser Printers use an EEPROM chip to save usage data like print counts and timers.

In addition, the first set of toner modules does not have an id chip. The EEPROM of the printer itself is used to monitor the print count of the toner.

The idea behind this mod is to bypass the EEPROM check. Without the information, a toner cartridge can be used, even after it’s predetermined lifecycle. Even better: The cartridge can be refilled and used for as long as the developer roller in the module does work.

To start off, please keep in mind that working with mains voltalge can be dangerous. In addition, a laser printer uses multiple high voltage lanes with up to 2000V.

With that in mind, start to remove the ?? screws at the back and bottom of the printer.

you should be able to remove the back cover. That is all we need access to, to perform the modification.

Locate the IC near the ?? We need to get access to pin ?? and connect it with a switch to Ground. I used the ?? for this.

This part is a bit tricky. You need a steady hand, a soldering iron to solder a piece wire to the pin. Next, solder another piece of wire to a ground conenction like ??.

At this point, you could connect the wire together to permanentely disable the EEPROM. Although possible, i recommend to use a switch to change between normal operation and reset mode.

Now, we need to break the connection between the monitoring chips and the main pcb. For that, simply remove the connector near ??. Another solution is to remove the monitoring chips from each cartridge you want to use.

To attach the switch, drill or cut a hole according to the size of the switch you used.

With everything done, close the enclosure and test it. The CLP 315 prints a test page after you hold the CANCEL button for mor then 5 seconds. You should see, that all cartrides and modules have a count of zero and ther serial number reads all zeros too.

Now you can print for as long as you want with the same toner cartridges. Have fun.


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